• I Paid A Bribe
  • 7 years ago

Corruption @ AC Office Clerk

Reported on September 8, 2017 from Tumkur , Karnataka  ι Report #168681

Name of the Officer : Geetha 9901819252
Date of the Incident : March - July 2017
Time of the incident: This is extended bribe striptease
Location of the incident : Right inside the AC Office (Staff room)
Where the incident took place: AC Office Madhugiri, Tumkur

Initially she has made a deal with the offenders to willfully manipulate the ownership of our ancestral property without informing us, but then when we submitted an appealed to get the mistakes created by her rectified . In retaliation she started demanding huge amounts otherwise she is threatening to create more problems by abetting undue litigations. She is insisting that the file will not move in the office and thrown to dust bin. She works only on bribe, she is so stuburn that she is demanding just outside AC chamber also in public. I'm roaming behind her since for three months, but my problem is not resolved. I'm in so helpless state that she created a problem for no fault of mine and now to get that rectified i'm suffering. Even after being a literate if i have to suffer, then only god should save illiterates. Everyday i'm seeing so many poor people comming and stuffing whatever they have and falling on her feet. British rouges were much better than these corrupt monsters.

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