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  • 3 years ago

Corruption and Process Failure in RTO Offices leads to disasters on Roads

Reported on May 10, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #182401


I would like to bring to your notice that its not about paying bribe and making things happen for ourselves. But this keeps encouraging our corrupt government officials to continue their practice and impact our society & our life daily. The following incident clearly depicite how our well defined system & process is completely getting spoiled by very few individuals.

I applied for my driving license and went to an agent for support. He charged me twice the amount of the actual government fee as his service charge, which he pays a part to RTO staff for processing my documents. After getting my learners license and after few months I went for driving test.

I was in the test field to take driving test in South Bangalore (Electronic city) fully computerized track (international standard) facility in Huskur. I reached there by 10 am as the office time was 9.30 am. To my surprise none turned to the office till 11.00 am and I was in the queue for paying the fee and do the driving test to get my license. A guy arrived around 11.15 am and there was no power to switch on his computer to start his job. So it went till 11.45 when the power came and he started the work. Actual fee was Rs.950 and the cash counter guy demanded Rs. 1050, no idea and no response, its mandatory to pay Rs.100 extra for him and everyone in the queue paid. Imagine if he collects fee from at least 100 persons per day his income is Rs.10000/day. I am sure he is not alone to take that money and he needs to share it with his higher officials. Otherwise he doesn't dare to do it.

And that is part one. Second part is, it was a wonderful automated driving test facility completely managed by agent mafia's. Almost all four wheeler s tests were taken by driving school guys who allowed to sit next to driver and they were controlling the accelerator, clutch and brake. Person who came to do test just play around with steering. Imagine the situation if these peoples are allowed to drive on road, whats happening today will continue to happen.

My only request is you take bribe, but please follow the system and ensure that only people who know driving gets driving licenses. Investing peoples money to create such a good test field and allowing mafias to manage it, how shameful we are. As an Indian I am ashamed to see our filthy system and me living in middle of the drainage society.

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