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  • 13 years ago

Corruption at Jaipur Airport

Reported on March 14, 2011 from Jaipur , Rajasthan  ι Report #26423

Dear Sir,

My name is ********** Khemka, I am an Indian citizen working in Qatar and had to travel to Rajasthan for some religious purpose last week.
I was travelling with my wife from Jaipur airport and met an unfortunate incident at the airport, which I would like to bring to your notice for further actions.
I was aware of the rule that individuals are not allowed to carry more than USD 5,000 while travelling, however I was not aware of the rule that the same limit shall not cross Rs. 5,000.
I was coming to Rajasthan directly from Qatar with my wife and carried Indian currency to accommodate my hotel, car and other expenditures during the trip.
While coming back a custom officer Mr. Rajneesh, scanned our bag 3 times before we cleared the custom formalities and once we cleared the immigration channel, he stopped us and asked us to declare the Indian currency we have.
I declared the money I had and accepted my fault of not being aware of the rule and asked him to seize the extra money and file a case, but he refused to do so and told me that if I will proceed for booking a case, he will take 3 hours to complete the process and I will have to miss the flight and lose ticket money. The alternative he gave me was of giving all extra money to him and fly.
I had left with no other choice but to hand over Rs. 10,000 to him so that I can proceed with the flight.
I lodged a written complain with the security officer at the airport for the same and not sure about the action they will take.
The custom officers at the Jaipur airport were doing this with many passengers, specially people with families and no case were registered against anyone.
The passengers were asked to follow the custom officers either to their office or to the bathroom to handover money. The security cameras (if working) will ensure the same.

I would like to request you to kindly look into the matter as the same is causing problems to the passengers and damaging the image of our country in front of foreign travellers.
My contact number in Qatar is 00974- ******* and I can be reached at this mail address as well.

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