• I Paid A Bribe
  • 7 years ago

E-Khata or E-Swathu - Form No.9 and Form No.11

Reported on December 10, 2016 from Mysore , Karnataka  ι Report #139396

I am the owner of site No.11 at Deepa Nagar, Deepa Housing Society, Bogadi, Mysore. I had applied to the Society in the month of September 2016 for Khata transfer with all the relevant documents. The Society asked me for an amount of Rs.20,000 without any receipt and told me that the receipt will be issued by the Gram Panchayat, Bogadi, Mysore for the requisite amount, thereby indirectly indicating that not all the Rs.20,000 paid by me was towards the official payment for issue of the document. Several flimsy reasons were given during the last couple of months asking for different kinds of photographs with me standing in the site, etc. to establish that the site belonged to me (how silly!!). On inquiry from the Society, time and again as to the progress of the case, the Secretary told me that the papers have been handed over to one MRS. SAVITA NAIK, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE GRAM PANCHAYAT, BOGADI, MYSORE AND NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE SOCIETY FOR HANDING OVER OF THE PAPERS. He also made me speak to the husband of the Vice President, Bogadi Gram Panchayat who assured me that the work is being done expeditiously. However, even after the mandatory 45 days period, the document is yet to be issued and the Secretary of the Society is expressing his helplessness. He always says that the Gram Panchayat is an elected body and it is impossible to get the work done by them inspite of BRIBING them. He also told me that I should not go to the Gram Panchayat to enquire from them directly as it will further delay the issue of the document.
I have sent complaints to the Prime Minister's Office and the Chief Minister's Office, but none has replied to my mails. Yesterday, I also sent mails to the ACB, Government of Karnataka without any success.
When I called the SAKALA Office, they asked me for the acknowledgement number which unfortunately has not been given by the Gram Panchayat to the Society, hence there seems to be no record existing of my submitting the papers. I was told by the Gram Panchayat officials that the papers given to the Vice President of Gram Panchayat remains with her/him till she/he decides to take action on the paper for issue of E-Khata.

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