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  • 12 years ago

Early morning loot

Reported on December 5, 2010 from Bhuj , Gujarat  ι Report #29467

That was the day when my parents were supposed to board the train to secunderabad from Rajkot. Train was at early hours. We reached just few minutes before the departure because of delay in journey from bhuj. Since i felt my parents will miss the train i went inside without taking a platform ticket. Once the train left i was coming out then the TTE was standing at the gate & asked for the ticket. I have explained the situation & requested to take the fine. He caught another 4 people together & took us to the TTE room. He was alone in the room & nobody else was there at the gate during that period. He threatened that you would face jail term & demanded Rs 500 per person. We all requested & paid Rs 500 together on sharing basis. He has not given reciept as well. The moment i came out of the station i spotted him happily having his breakfast at a the tiffin center opposite to station. I got annoyed & lodged a complaint in the net. I got a response from Divisional manager-Railways, Mumbai who personally spoke to me & requested to close the complaint if the person is not able to be identified. Since i could not go to rajkot only for identification and based on the request of the divisional manager i have withdran the compalaint. We can still make our mechanism work. But due to our working style & easy going attitude we are leaving it.There are good people in the system. Do question & start reporting then atleast some thing will get corrected.

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