• I Paid A Bribe
  • 4 years ago

EB power supply denied for my building.

Reported on May 22, 2017 from Tiruppur , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #163981

As per the norms of construction, my building is a mere 4 foot higher, than what it is supposed to be. i was denied extra EB power supply. A couple months later the central govt. passed law increasing the height from 15 meters to over 17 meters as the limit. I thought, finally I could get power supply. but, the state EB claims they did not get any intimation deliberately till date. its been almost 5 years now since i completed construction. It costed me 6 crores to construct that piece of art and is the most glorious in my city. Think about the interest rate, maintenance cost, the burden existing tenants go through and penalty for over using the existing partial EB connection. I have been paying penalty of 3.5 lakhs penalty every year, for the over use of power, so far now. Now my EB deposit has gone to fucking 3.5 lacs more. I have been extorted little by little upto 8 lacs and still i get fucking nothing. i dont want to pay bribe, but financially im suffocated.
Fuck India. shitty fucking govt. this country is a hopeless rotten piece of trash that needs to be nuked. Better of as slaves under british.

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