• I Paid A Bribe
  • 12 years ago


Reported on August 27, 2010 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #30909

In 2005 me and my wife ,both Sr.Citizens,arrived back from USA where we had gone to attend our son's wedding.we were not even carrying any new purchases ,even for allowed amount, because we had not purchased anything.Our daughter had given both of us a watch as present "Fossil" which was costing around @ $ 45/- a piece.We proceeded through green channel when this customs inspector called us and ordered his staff to open our 4 bags .We were carrying clothes.my wife before going for the wedding had purchased two Saris from here ,obviously they looked new as these had been worn only once.Finally after rummaging through all bags , he came up with these two watches.
He saris you are carrying Gold and new saris which you have purchased abroad, you will have to pay fine plus duty .I reminded him that we were not carrying anything more than what we are allowed under the laws(our entitlement was Good worth 12000/- each for stay abroad for more than 3 months) .he said he will confiscate everything but he can waive us off IF you leave behind one of the watches.
frankly I could have taken him on except that after 36 hours of non stop travel from San Francisco to Mumbai I was drained out and ready to fall. My wife persuaded me to let go. But I felt defeated and frustrated at the naked corruption .Until then I had only heard about such things, but when it happened it hit me in the eyes.

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