• I Paid A Bribe
  • 13 years ago

Forcefully paid for Getting Contract Labour License

Reported on March 30, 2011 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #25068

I was working with Contracting company and always need to get the Labour license for every new project of my company. When my boss given this responsibility to me i started visiting Labour Commissioners office and after fulfilling all the required document I didnt get the License after inquired i come to know that the ALC who is the authorised to sign the license wants to ********** me before issuing license, I met him he investigated like I am a criminal, I was very new in the field thought that i may be the process to understand the need of the contractor for license, I visited couple of time for license but didnt get it. My boss was just observing me that how will I tackle the issue. in my third visit i met one of office peon in Labour office he guided me for the bribe he also investigated and advised me for bribe according to the number of Employees deployed on contract basis and for this valueble suggestion he charged me Rs. 100. Again with full confidence i went to the ALCs desk and straight away i offered him the packet which was contains the amount of Bribe Rs. 3000/- immediately he called his Lady Cleark and ask for the file of my request for CLL, i saw the paper was fully ready and approved by his senior but hold by ALC. He issued me the license after office hours. That day i was very happy that i tackle the issue but Being a Honest ********** I was very very sad that i done a wrong thing which is prohibited my religion as well as in constitution of my beloved *******

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