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  • 6 years ago

Getting back my stolen phone cost 500Rs

Reported on October 16, 2018 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #190947

Name of officer: Kshirsagar
Date of the incident: - 9-Oct-2018
location: - Faraskhana police station, Pune
Designation: Incharge Inspector ,Lost and Found items
Details: -My mobile phone was stolen in Pune near Dagduseth Halwai Ganpati temple on Ganesh Visharjan (23-Sep-2018). While i was searching for it, I saw a lady police officer and approached her to inform about the theft. Coincidentally she had my phone along with 5-6 other phones and was taking the thief to police station. i was thanking my stars that my phone was found so soon and was appreciating the efficiency of the police department. But was i wrong! Despite verifying my fingerprint and showing the invoice of the phone, I had to spend almost 4 hrs that day and still returned empty handed (didnt even get a copy of FIR for get about the phone)! I was asked to come couple of days later to collect FIR which I did but then i was asked to again wait for 4-5 days for the court proceedings. I went after almost 10 days so that i dont need to make another visit but again i was wrong! The officer (Kshirsagar) who was in charge of returning the lost items was busy with some report so i was asked to come again the next day! Its almost 1.5 hrs one way from my office and i had to make 4 trips to police station leaving my work! and then on the 4th visit, he was finally out of excuses to delay further so gave the phone but i had to shell 500Rs for it!
Police harasses us and extorts money in order to do their job (for which incidentally they are paid salary from the money people like us pay income tax for!) They don't miss a chance to show that they are the boss - arrogant, rude and inconsiderate!

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