• I Paid A Bribe
  • 14 years ago

For getting my passport application verified

Reported on August 19, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31029

I was forced to pay the bribe in a police station BTM 2nd stage, Bangalore for verification of my address. The police guy did not come to my house, but he called me asked to come to police station for verification of my details. He said that he has to write a report in kannada and wanted 700/- rupees to get that done. When I asked him, why should I pay for this, he ridiculed and threatened me that lot of details are missing and I won't get my passport. The same happened to some of my friends.

I don't know whom to report these kind of things? I thought of calling media but my wife did not allowed me to do that.

Finally I paid 700/- bucks. I got so angry that I wanted to kill all the Govt employees, who ask bribe.

Are there any people who think like me?

I did not know whom to share this incident to get the justice done. Please educate people on whom to report these instances.

I have one more issue lined up, that is regarding registration of the land, where I need to pay around 8k to the registrar for nothing. The broker says it is usual thing. How come it is a usual thing?

This time I want to protest this act with guts. I don't care what happens next. If I know whom to report this. I will do that also.

I got pissed off this bribe thing. I earn money by working day and night and for nothing why should I pay a "govt employee" (sucks people blood like a vampire). I want to fight against this. please let me know how to participate in this moment.


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