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  • 9 years ago

Goverment employees take money for sign on meter readings of solar plants

Reported on October 8, 2015 from Jodhpur , Rajasthan  ι Report #70675

I'm an employee of a private solar company and company has their solar plants in jodhpur and jaisalmer area. and there are lots of other solar plants of different companies. the company's generation billing is done on basis of every month generation. after a month complete a electricity board officer ive permission to break old meter seals and download the readings from meter and replace new seals after donload. there are no charges for this procedure but that officer take money for download and after that also take money for his signature on billing reports. they take money every month from every plant in this area. the companies have to for money otherwise they are threatning to do not co-operate or do not download the meter readings.

here is the list of officers-
1. Mr. sahiram bisnoi
AEN (M&P) 1000-5000/- (depends on plant capacity)
JDVVNL, Phalodi (every month)
2. Mr. A.K. Singh
XEN(220kv GSS) 500-1500/-(every month)
RVPNL,Badi sid
3. P.S. Meena
AEN(220kv GSS) 500-1500/-(every month)
4. S.S. Meena
AEN(220kv GSS) 500-1500/-(every month)
5. Sudip
JEN(220kv GSS) 500-1500/-(every month)
RVPNL,Badi sid
They also take money for plant comissoning,shut down from GSS & meter callibration.
All solar compnies in this area are distraut from these people.

please take some action against them and make the india feel free corruption.

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