• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

Paid 27000 to Register my Apartment

Reported on September 14, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #188994

I do not know the names of the individuals involved. The agent I worked with to register my apartment was introduced to me by my builder, he identified himself as Shivu. The registration was done at the Mahadevapura Sub-Registrar's office. There is no point in reporting this to the government as the system itself is flawed and inefficient. The system being used was a Windows XP, a 16 year old Operating System. There is no discipline or order to be followed. The person who works tirelessly at the system pays attention only to the agents, who also call themselves lawyers. If there is no system, there is no point in me trying to register by myself, without support because I don't understand the system and the ones who do, don't have the time to say yes when you call them because of the workload. Hence, find an easier option, even if it means throwing away Rs.27000, which is good for a decent vacation after all those hours spent at work earning it to random people for the sake of convenience.
Your system is so flawed and outdated, there is no alternative but to pay a bribe. Instead of asking me the names of the individuals, which I don't have, work on fixing the system so even citizens like me can complete the registration done without having to depend on parasites who'll eat my wallet. I delayed my apartment's registration by over 21/2 years only because I didn't want to deal with government officials. I lost all the rent money I could have made, but that's not as important as the freedom of not having to deal with the government's arrogant, self-important spicks who won't budge from how the system has corrupted them.

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