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  • 3 years ago

Paid bribe because got scared

Reported on November 29, 2018 from Raipur , Chhattisgarh  ι Report #193669

The incident was, me and my friend went to police because a complaint was filed against my friend because of a monetary dispute with the guy who filed the complaint.
FIR was not filled by the police.
Both the party's were asked to come to the police station by the police.
But after reaching there, both the party's in front of police by their mutual understanding decide not the file the FIR, and resolve their monetary dispute by themselves.
Then police officer told them to go, but after few seconds his mind changed and he stopped both my friend and the guy who give complaint against him.
Police officer threatened the guy who filed complaint by saying that he will take action against him for wasting police time.
He got frightened and did not move, then the office write a statement and asked the guy to sign on the paper... But the FIR was not registered.
The officer called his attendant and asked him to take my friend in remand room. I was standing there and watching everything. I also got scared.
The police officer sent the guy who complaint against my friend to home and then I was there alone.
Then I was asked if I want my friend back
I have to talk to him about the money. The amount was heavy.
I went to him and he was so scared he asked me to give the money as he does not want his name in police record because he does not want to ruin his family name.
I went back to home, take the money and return back to police station and give the bribe.
Then police asked my friend to write that the problem has been solved by the mutual understanding and I will not do this again.
Then he was released.
After returning home we realised that we got cheated by the police and very ashamed of giving him the bribe.
Name of the officer - RAMESH K SHARMA
Date of incident - 28 Nov 2018
Time of incident - 11.30AM - 2PM
Designation of the Officer - ASI

I don't want to get threatened by the police anymore, but I am feeling guilty of giving him the bribe.
What can I do...

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