• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

Peenya Sub-registrar office

Reported on September 21, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #189433

I paid a bribe to the clerk who handles(simply staples the application and pastes your photo on the application) the application. He further directed us to pay a bribe to the lady who checks if your supporting documents are in order and puts a tick on it with a pencil. Although the 10th standard Marks card is not necessary as age proof ( passport is sufficient), she insisted that it is necessary and the sub-registrar may reject the application. Just another way of implying that a bribe had to be paid.

The sub-registrar and the person printing the marriage certificate did not ask for a bribe. They made us wait from 10am untill 11.30 because we did not pay the bribe until then.

One of the reasons I am still an NRI and am not willing to return. :(

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