• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

Police bribe at Tiruppur

Reported on December 25, 2018 from Tiruppur , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #195314

I drove my bike on today 25/12/2018 ,12.00-12.30at Tiruppur-Palladam road Veerapandi. A police man stopped my bike at that check post and he asked bike documents.That time I haven’t hot copy of records , but I have soft copy. There were a few polices and a Sub Inspector . I didn’t know about that SI name. That SI asked 700 rupees to spot fine for without helmets and documents. And 1000 for bribe .But I requested to him that, I have soft copy ,so I’ll pay only for without helmet.Bud he didn’t accept. Meanwhile one of the police team members took my bike and hidden my bike . The SI didn’t respond my words and he plucked my IPhone. So I couldn’t submit my soft copy and contact anyone. And he spoke very bad words and threatening me . He wasn’t accepted to move that place without paying the bribe.again he asked 1700.That time some public have taken the video footage.but he didn’t worried about that situation and his aim only pluck the money. Till he didn’t stop bad words. I had no way To safeguard my bike and phone So I paid Rs. 1700 Of my hard Earned money .After paying the money he didn’t provide any clear receipt.He gave me a dummy receipt.Then he threatened me if you tell about this bribe ,I’ll remand you with any false case. I’m very shocked. But what can I do. They think public are fools. But he will be suffered that video clip.

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