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  • 6 months ago

Punished double bribe for being honest by LRO Gonda , uttar pradesh.

Reported on November 19, 2020 from Gonda , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #225890

What ever i am writing here was already mailed to all the respective government offices dated May25 , 2020. people marked in that mail was : DM , CMO , LRO , ACB...
My village is Dhoriyapara (i.e near Rajasagra ) , a small village on Gonda faizabad state road.

Now finally on the day of registration i paid a bribe of 20,000 INR to Land registration officer in the name of Ancillary charges.
I never wanted to pay this but these registration officers convinced father who is retired officer of India Army after lot of discussion. One statement which hurt me a lot which they said to my father
"Dekho sir humme isse koi matlab nahi ki apne 32 saal fauj ko diye ya puri jindagi . Humme bhi upar ke adhikariyo ko paise khilane hai. Kuch paise to aapne bhi border par ghoose se kamaye honge hahaha"

Kaash mere pitaji ne bhi kuch paise is tarah kamaye hote aur fir mujhe "ghoose" dete hue dukh na hota sayad.

But this does not stop there it self at first level of corruption. They have still entangled me in their corruption net and asking to make payment of another 10,000 to get rid of a small fake case on the same land. I feel very sad to while writing all this. Never expected this will happen under BJP government.

New Fake case :
After registration of land there is some formality from their side to check the plot physically.
This time they called me and said " Ye apne galat information di hai and ghar ke samne ki sadak 6 foot se jyada hai"
I thought "pata nahi kaha mistake ho gayi"... So I asked my father to check all the sides of plot with respect to measurement.
My father did as i said and called me " Bhaiya sab theek hai lekin ye log fir se 10,000 rupaye maang rahe hai is case ko close karne ke liye "
Then I asked " Ye sabse aise hi maangte hai " My father replied " Nahi , tumne jo bahas ki thi registration ke time ye uski punishment hai"

I was shocked to hear this level of corruption in bureaucratic hierarchy.

I want people support or some one to take on this corruption. I can close this case by paying 10,000 but what about the treatment they gave to my father who did everything for 32 years to serve and keep safe border of this country.
Also what happens to those who are villagers and falls in their net every year.

Now this year due to Corona virus, how I will keep on paying government taxes in addition to these bribes. Also i have donated rs. 5,000 to PM-Care fund.

I just wrote this whole detail so that you can take corruption as a service and it hurt less to your moral value .. Now some one please donot teach me to fight them. I did and i paid extra bribe.

Location was :

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