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  • 8 years ago

Ranjhi Police asking for bribe

Reported on October 13, 2016 from Jabalpur , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #128537

On 13th of october 2016, Rajhi Police station Police asked a bribe of Rs 5000/- from my elderly Parents who are senior citizens.
For years the neighbors "Rani Patel" has encroached the common road area and has put her cooler which is exactly on the road (Illegally occupied ), which is making everybody's life difficult because there is no space to move the car in that area, even after requesting them so many times we get harsh response. On 12th Oct 2017 while parking the Car by my father their cooler fell on the Car roof and damaged the car and thier cooler, neighbors threatened my Parents, so my Parents went to Ranjhi Jabalpur Police Station and filed an FIR, Police assured at that time "we will take care of them dont worry", Today they came to the location and took U turn and asked my parents to pay 2000/- to the Neighbours and bribe of Rs 5000/- to Police staff otherwise we will pull to court. We are feeling so unsecured for my parents since we are away from them in different city.

I would request you to please take strong action againts these Goons/ culprits

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