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Standing up against Corruption in AICTE

Reported on September 04, 2013 from New Delhi, Delhi  ι Report #1

I am trying to bring the corrupt to book in the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and I thank IPaidaBribe for giving wide publicity to this matter

Dr D K Garg deserves more than just the tag of a bribe fighter. He has solely resumed responsibility of bringing the corrupt All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) officials to book. While his daring move to fight against the corrupt could potentially ruin his career, as he states, his nobility and integrity are worthy of mention.

Excerpts from an exlcusive interview with I Paid a Bribe:

Give a detailed account of what conspired between you and the officials at AICTE?

We approached the Regional Officer of AICTE, Mr Vilas Varudker with a presentation, seeking the addition of a new course in our college. He called me in his cabin and demanded Rs.5 lakhs in the name of Processing Fee. I had Rs.50 thousand on me which he asked me to pay immediately in a file cover.

Later I came to know it was a method of taking bribe, since he did not give any receipt and for balance, he said I can pay the rest of the amount in 2-3 days. It is in the record of AICTE. We have asked the Chairman to demand an explanation for this amount who has not initiated any action.

Is this incident the first that you have encountered?

Thereafter I encountered 2-3 more incidents in AICTE itself, more frequently by AICTE Experts and Regional Officers themselves.

 Was the demand for bribe made blatantly?

It differs from person to person and course to course. I am ready to disclose everything with name of person, in case of a fair inquiry and reliable assurance. Due to active involvement of the senior officials, no one can come forwards as everyone is scared of the consequences that may follow. I’ve solely taken responsibility to expose the corrupt organisation in writing as well.

Have you taken any other legal recourse other than submitting the affidavit and filing RTIs?

So far, I have filed 56 RTIs but there has been no response. 27 letters have been sent to senior officials, yet no action has been taken till date. My career has been destroyed because of all them.

Has there been any response at all towards the issue that you’re facing?

I filed a complaint against the bribe demand on an affidavit, then a committee was formed two years ago, but the report is pending. The corrupt has been allowed to join another organisation peacefully while I am being harassed in many ways. All that exists now is a blog launched to voice our angst.

What do you intend to do in order to procure the licence/ permission that you have sought without paying a bribe?

Yes, I will never pay a bribe. Which is why is have been enduring harassment for the past 3 years and now the situation has worsened so much that I am facing many problems. While they are not allowing new courses, even existing courses are at stake.

How do you think IPAB can help your cause?

Yes, I have lot of expectation on IPAB 

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