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Corruption by PSU official

Reported on June 2, 2016 from Mathura , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #105911

Name of Officer : O.P.Choudhary, DGM(Projects),Project Department ,Mathura Refinery ,IOCL
Prior to this he was DGM (Vigilance),Mathura Refinery,IOCL

1. Seeks favours from Contractors -sometimes as petty as asking for 2 kg of dry fruits, or 5 kgs of vegetables, petty monetary benefits.
2. seeking hotel arrangement on tours from contractors
3. Seeking vehicle arrangement from contractors for travelling outstation.
4. Masking personal tours as official tours like meeting with Vendors..
5. Seeking petty benefits from subordinate officers in terms of drinks and sweets.
6. Delaying files or expediting files depending on benefits received from parties.
The above is some of the regular instances of corruptions indulged by the officer.
It is not understood how such a person of dubious character got promoted to such a position.
It is also suspected he has properties in Chennai and other places in addition to his declared property in Noida.

These may seem petty crimes to an observer with the attitude of chalta hain but none the less very irritating and uncomfortable when one has to go through these ordeals.
Hope the concerned officer can be investigated in depth. Sure to bring up some muck up.
Everybody knows about the activities of the officer but nobody does anything.
Hope this helps in someway to fight corruption as we want an atmosphere where people can act without fear or favour..

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