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Reported on February 20, 2017 from Gandhinagar , Gujarat  ι Report #153665

Company name - GSPL India Gasnet Limited and GSPL India Transco Limited. (Both are subsidiary companies of GSPL- Gujarat Government PSU)

Company is purchasing lands across states for which legal vetting is required. However under this false pretext of legal vetting , so much money is being paid to multiple conaultants. There is already a dedicated legal depadtment in the company, but still the company has appointed many consultants and lawyers to do legal vetting work. One such lawyer is Aspi Kapadia. Since last 3 years so many lands have been purchased by company, he has not contributed anything at all in even a single case, but still he is being paid huge sum every month by the company. He has been appointed by HR &Admin Dept. And not Legal Department. (Strange)! - The top officials in HR and Admin Department are getting share from the fees paid to lawyer Aspi Kapadia. If CAG audit is done properly then the truth will be out.

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