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Heavy corruption in redeployment of surplus high school teachers

Reported on May 24, 2016 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #104870

My brother< K P Thadoda was declared surplus alongwith 16 other science/general stream teachers of High school and Higher secondary teachers from Zed School of Ahmedabad-Rural DEO jurisdictionduring Aug. 2013. The irregularities are listed hereunder. 1. Permission to get classes closed was based on student strength which was around 125 and was reported as only 34-Wrong details. 2. A teacher who never took maths class in 10th class was continued and my brother with B.Sc. Maths/Phys. was declared surplus. 3. The teacher with B.Sc. Chemistry was posted as Physics Lab coordinator ignoring my brother who holds degree in Physics. 4. Most Sr. teacher was posted to a farthest distance. 5. 5 RTIs remain unreplied by DEO/A'bad-Rural. 6. SCA filed with Gujarat High courtduring July 2014 with all GR copies simply awaits detailed reply. 14 of the 17 teachers have bribed between Rs.1.50 to Rs. 2 lacsto get favoured schools and my brother didn't agree as he was most qualified, senior most taking maximum classes. But, DEO violated all Government GRs and acted autocratic way. One RTI to education Commissioner's office complaining for all violations is filthily replied against which we have made appeal to Central Information Commission on 11.03.2016. Even 3 representations to Principal Secretary is unreplied for years. My brother is suffering since 30 months and working at 80 Kms. away from his home. Surprisingly, DEO who did all these things agaist whom a case is filed with High Court is still working at the same place. He is there since almost 2008. Our lawyer, M/S Nanavati Associates who is prominent lawyer of A'bad also feels that it appears entire chain is functioning as coterie for corruption. Not a single teacher who paid bribe is prepared to talk to us. We have reported non credit of TDS amounting to Rs. 45501/- for AY 2010-11,2011-12 & 2012-13 is not credited to my PAN by same DEO. For many schools and many teachers, same position prevails. School management threatens teachers to pay the demand by CPC, Bangalore despite the fact that they had deducted TDS from their salary. This matter is reported to CVC by me on 20.09.2014 and CVC has through CVO ordered investigation of the same vide CVC letter dated 08.12.2014. We have reminded CIT(Investigation) but no action is taken so far. The above amount is shown as pending demand against my PAN. This is the fate of honest teacher in Gujarat which is heritage of corruption as a result of BJP rule for 12 years for whom I have also voted.

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