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Kalluripalli Housing Board Officer Asks For A Bribe

Reported on December 10, 2019 from Nellore , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #217874

I bought a piece of auctioned land in April 2019 from Kalluripalli Housing Board Govt. office. The auction went smooth and I signed the paperwork and submitted the DD and all the documents for approval. The officers said that the paperwork had to go to Vijaywada and that it would come back along with the registration forms. On the day of the registration, the officer, R. Audiseshaiah, asked us for extra money saying that it would be a service charge. This service charge would not have any receipts and he said he would collect the money outside the office at my home. What kind of service charge is this? This is a fancy name for a bribe. So he took Rs.10,000. I even have the proof. R. Audiseshaiah openly asks for bribes. He has no fear and he is shady officer. He should be put in jail!

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