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To get tender aprove

Reported on February 18, 2016 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #93009

In recent tender mr Bhadresh Pandiya deputy engineer who got wrong promotion by elected body which they can't give same he gave bribe and got promotion by body and know I recent tender he did not issue copy from his department planing and Pani department the copy was issued to same agency from whom he had taken bribe and in both the department same agency got tender and also rate was approved by them if u think I m wrong make department inquire but not from this department other wise he will bribe inquire officer and in past years he got caught in corruption and his case in there in high court and in prant office godhra but due to money or his source he is still out and decision is not coming out as he very corrupt officer I this nagarpalika godhra he can bribe to ne one reach out of law if possible please make inquire and suspend this corrupt officer

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