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To convert agricultural land to non-agricultural land in Karnataka
Across Karnataka
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The process mainly involves getting a Non-objection certificate for the land conversion.


Concerned law:

U/s 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act. 1964


Process Flow:

The owner or the legal entity of the land has to make an application, to the competent Revenue Authority (Tahsildar or the Assistant Commissioner or the Deputy Commissioner, as the case may be, depending on the area to be converted).  The revenue authority request the Department of Town and Country Planning for issue of No Objection Certificate or opinion for conversion of land for various uses (Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Others)

Required documents
  • Record of Rights and Tenancy Certificate (R.T.C) in original issued by the Revenue Authorities of the Taluk
  • Photocopy of the Atlas of the land (survey number), duly signed by the competent authority of the Department of Survey Settlement and Land Records, showing the dimensions in meters with scale and boundary of the land proposed for conversion.
  • Photo copy of the Revenue Survey Map of the village showing location of the land proposed for conversion.
  • Where proposed conversion is for formation of sites: Site Plan drawn at scale not smaller than 1:1000, showing the details of existing surrounding developments, cadastral boundaries of surrounding survey numbers and hissas, contours, spot heights, the developments in the adjoining areas of the proposed land including approach road with width, power transmission line, telephone line, railway line, nearby water reservoirs, nalas, etc. if any.
  • Any other information required by the authority. The concerned Revenue Authority, after verifying the documents, will forward the application and the documents to the concerned authority


The concerned authority will examine the application based on the proposals and furnish the opinion to the concerned Revenue Authority.

  • Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority, excluding the limits of Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), Urban Development Authority (UDA) including BDA, Planning Authority or Municipal Planning Authority, if the land is located within the jurisdiction of any such authority responsible for regulating the planned development.
  • If the land is not situated within the jurisdiction of any of the aforementioned planning agency, the Assistant Director of Town Planning of the Department of Town Planning. The Assistant Director of Town Planning of the respective districts is delegated with the power of giving technical opinion up to 1.5 hectares, Joint Director of Town Planning is delegated with the power of giving technical opinion up to 4.0 hectares Additional Director, Dharwad is delegated with power of giving technical openion upto 10 hectare in Gulbarga and Belgaum Division and Director of Town and Country Planning with full power.

Courtesy: Directorate of Town & Country Planning of Karnataka

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