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How to get customs clearance of import
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How to Add a Name to a Ration Card after Marriage in Delhi
Across Delhi
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  1. Fill the application form available in the food and civil supply department.
  2. Submit your voter ID card and attach proof of residence such as telephone bill / rent agreement / bank pass book / electric city bill / tax paid receipt / gas connection bill. 
  3. Get the deletion certificate of yours from your place and produce the birth certificate of your child. Once this is ready, present the documents and get an acknowledgement. 
  4. After verification of the documents the report will be sent to the office and within a month you can collect your ration card.

You can apply in the form No 2 (84 KB)  for addition of any name in your Ration card. You may download the same and present the duly filled in hard copy at your Circle Office along with the Ration card.


If you present application for addition of names along with documentary proof i.e. deletion certificate issued by the competent authority, in case of shifting; or birth certificate/proof of marriage etc., in case of addition to the family, addition of names in your Ration card is done the same day. Otherwise, the process may require up to 7 days.

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