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How to File a Complaint After Losing a Phone
Across India
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  1. Gather information

Gather the following details of your phone by finding the packaging/invoice/warranty card/other documents relating to your mobile phone:

  • Mobile brand and model
  • IMEI/PUC number (International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-digit number of your handset. CDMA phones have an 8-digit Electronic Serial Number).
  • Phone number
  • Details of when and where you lost it
  • Your suspicions (if any) of anyone who could have stolen it

Note: When you buy a new phone, note down the IMEI number. If you don’t know how to get IMEI number, check here.

When you lose your phone, take the IMEI number and mail it to -

The mail should include:

Your Name:


Phone model:

Last used number:

Email for communication:

Date of losing the mobile set:

IMEI number:

  1. Deactivate your number

The advantage in waiting for a while before you deactivate your phone is that in case your phone is in the hands of an honest person, they may try to contact someone from your phone list to inform you that they have your phone. However, if you have a postpaid connection it is advisable to call your service provider to see whether there has been a sudden surge in phone calls as a thief may be able to rack up a huge bill on your phone.

Call your service provider (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance etc.) and immediately ask them to deactivate your number so that anyone who has stolen it is not able to use it to make any calls.

Check whether any calls have been made - this may help you to track down the whereabouts of your phone.

In case you phone has data synced with online applications like Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar etc., it is wise to change your passwords immediately.

  1. Visit the Nearest Police Station

You are required to go to the police station nearest to the place where the phone was stolen and get an FIR registered to report the theft.

Note: Usually police officers would relent at this point. Do NOT settle to get just a Daily Diary Report (DDR) registered since this means the police will not be investigating into the theft.

Remember to take a copy of the FIR or the DDR, as applies to your case, once signed.

  1. Reactivate your number

Request your service provider to reactivate your Number.

Note: Your service provider may ask for a copy of the FIR and/or ID proof to perform this service.

  1. Retrieving phone data

Your service provider should be able to provide you with the list of phone numbers to which you made calls in the last three months. They charge nominal fee of Rs 50 or so for this service.


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