How to Get an Income Tax Refund in Bangalore

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If you are a resident of Bangalore, here is what you need to do to get your IT (Income Tax) Refund.

Guidelines for claiming an Income Tax Refund

The end of a financial year is often a nightmare as this is when people run from pillar to post to file their yearly income tax. But one’s trouble does not end here, especially if the point in case is paying extra taxes. While the process of getting the tax refund might be an arduous one, here are a few steps that can simplify the process.

1. Check your Income tax Return slip to see if it’s reflecting the tax refund correctly.


2. If your Tax return shows Tax refund, filing the return is all you need to do. The IT department will send the refund by post (cheque) or directly credit it to your bank account.


3. You should get a refund order within 12 months from the end of a financial year in which I.T. returns have been filed.


4. If you do not get a refund as above, submit the application by regd. ad post in a letter as per annexure A. with its enclosures.


5. If no refund or reply is received within 30 days, you must use RTI.


6. If no action is taken within 35-40 days of mailing an RTI application, you must file the first appeal.


7. Within next 35-40 days, file the second and final appeal to Central Information Commission, New Delhi.


8. Always keep a photocopy of all papers sent to IT Department for your own future reference.


9. Remember that the concerned Income Tax Assessing Officer is the Central Public Information Officer of the ward.


10. It is also easier to get your refund processed by filing the return online.


11. In case you want the refund to be credited into your account, you must provide proper details of bank account like MICR Code, bank account number and also the proper address.


12. Opt for direct credit so that you don’t have to deal with postal delays.


13. You can also refer the matter to an Income Tax Ombudsman.


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