How to get a Physically Handicapped Certificate in Hyderabad

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The following documents are required to be submitted to obtain the Handicapped Certificate

  • Fill the application form.
  • Attach an attested photocopy of first three pages of ration card showing proof of three years residence in the city
  • Attach an attested photocopy of medical Certificate in respect of disability from general hospitals of the city
  • Two passport size photographs attested from a Gazetted officer.
  • For issuance of duplicate identity card, Rs. 10/- to be deposited with the cashier of the District and the receipt should be attached with the application form.
  • Ration Card is required at the time of submission of application form.
  • Identity card will be given to the applicant only after getting his/her signatures on the Card.

An individual may also qualify as disabled if he/she has had impairment in the past or is seen as disabled based on a personal or group standard or norm.


Physically handicapped certificate and identity card is issued to handicapped persons who are orthopedically handicapped, mentally handicapped or blind or deaf and dumb. You need to go and get the handicapped certificate at the office of Sub-Divisional Magistrate during 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on any working day.


After receiving the application form, attested medical certificate and a copy of Ration Card with a photograph of applicant, an Identity Card is issued to the applicant.

Features of the Handicapped Certificate

  • Learning and applying knowledge
  • General tasks and demands
  • Communication
  • Mobility
  • Self-care
  • Domestic life
  • Interpersonal interactions and relationships
  • Major life areas
  • Community, social and civic life.

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