Chhattisgarh issues directives on use of red beacons

Posted on January 13, 2014 from Uttarakhand ι Report #152

Raipur, Jan 13 (IANS) The Chhattisgarh government Monday directed all its departments to ensure that the Supreme Court order on red beacons on vehicles is strictly implemented.

Following the directive of Chief Secretary Sunil Kumar, the transport department issued a press statement mentioning the Dec 10, 2013 order of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court said motor vehicles carrying "high dignitaries" as specified by the central government and the state government alone may be fitted with red lights.

The court restricted the red beacon with flasher to vehicles of "high dignitaries" holding constitutional posts, including president, prime minister and chief justice of India, and said even they could use this facility only while on official duty.

The court had also asked the authorities to restrict use of red beacons without flasher to 15 posts and their equivalents in the states while recommending blue beacons for police, fire services and other emergency services.

The apex court bench in its direction had also said that sirens would only be used by emergency and police vehicles but the sound should not be unduly harsh or shrill.

The court had asked that both the central and state governments issue a pruned list of constitutional functionaries entitled to red beacon lights on official vehicles within three months. The court said authorities must discharge their duties without fear or favour and should impose appropriate penalty on those who violate the prohibition.