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  • 6 years ago

Agriculture land not surveyed due to no bribe given

Reported on May 2, 2018 from Puttur , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #182056

Survey officier under MRO ,Vadamalapet mandal , Chittoor dist

My father was applied for agri land survey ( F line petition ) through Mee-seva by paying fee to the Govt , govt Surveyor from revenue office came and did the basic survey and confirmed that there is some part of our land was enjoying one side boundary land farmer .(( He just said by word not officially ))

govt Surveyor asked us bribe at that time, But my father said complete full survey at the time of issuing certificate will offer the same after some days F line petition application was rejected .

(( We know they take bribe from x party also and delays the work and make us rotate around them if we give bribe before the work .. Many farmers are struggled in my area ))

We know that it was intentionally rejected and informed the same to next level official but they have not responded hence applied through RTI for reason for the rejection and he has responded with all lie words that he got return slip from us that land was surveyed and he is ok to do re survey like 10 points all the points which he mentioned for rejection are not valid and all are lie hence we applied 2nd RTI requesting proofs for all the stated points , Its been 35 days no response was received and survey officer and MRO transferred another location , Now we are complaining to 1st appellate authority do the inquiry and take action as well get response to my 2nd RTI

As well we will be sending an detailed letter to Collector / RDO / New MRO explaining things what happen till now

We are fighting for this since almost 6 months no officials are not responded hence we are dealing these revenue offcials with RTIs and registerd posts as i can get evidence to submit in court finally if nothing helped finally .

i would like to wait one more month and then would like to take legal action on it as i have all the evidence , I dont know about legal proceeding any suggestions will be highly helpful to say good lesson to the corrupted official so that they will not ask bribe to any illiterate farmers for any kind of small works in my area .

Near tirupati
Vadamalapet location
Chittoor dist

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