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  • 14 years ago

Bribe for each registration

Reported on August 27, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #32693

This was from a while ago may be 2005-2006, I was in my car took a left on Lady Curson Rd from Infantry road when a Traffic Inspector pulled me over. I was asked for my documents, First my Licence, then RC, the Insurance finding that everything was in place he asked me for my Emission Test. Unfortunately that was one thing I never had. He asked me to pay a fine of Rs. 500 which I did not have with me, I called my aunt who works near by on Kamaraj Road to send someone with the money. The SI came and asked me "How Much Do you Have?", I replied back "I don't pay bribe!". He felt offended and complained to his Superior a CI, he told that me "I cannot wait longer, if you dont have money go pay in the court which will be 1500 Rupees." I said fine cut me a challan by then my person was there with the money. The CI then asked me details of my vehicle and when he heard it was a Euro II model he said the Emission test is only Rs. 50 go get it done and left from there. Honesty pays not sure that he left me because I did not need an emmission test or because he thought that I was brave enough to say NO to bribe.. what ever I felt proud that I Corrup-Shunned that day.... Cheers!

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