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  • 7 years ago

Briber police

Reported on March 6, 2017 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #156527

I'm Krishnamoorthy, My file no is MA1069873764517
I've applied for my passport on 09/01/2017 in the Saligramam office, Everything was fine and went well, Until the police verification happened, My area police station verification department has not handled my verification well, Regarding that i've lodged a grievance (SRN : 1730397899 ) .They have given the verification status as adverse even though I live in the same address for 22 yrs and submitted all the documents to the police station they took my thumb impression and signed the verification form when the police officer called me to come to police station. The police officer Mr Saravanan saran asked me bribery many times as I refused to give , He told me that he is not going to clear the verification and made me to come to the police station in the middle of my work many times. Hence I request you to kindly redo the police verification or address verification with the loyal police officer And the complaint i've pasted in this email below,

I live alone in the given address ,my family lives in a different place, I work in shifts, So rarely I come to home, But every night or day i will always be there in my home. When the police officer Mr Saravanan Saran IS (8754400657) who called me to report to police station and i went reported he asked me to bring all docs one by one didnt say everything at once, so poorly treated asked to wear in formals instead of casuals. Basically he did not have any manners like how to behave to a public. I submitted all the documents like my adhaar card,marksheets,dob proof ,he even took my thumb impression and signature to clear the verification form and asked me money bribery many times i've refused to give, He said, he's not going to clear the verfication. I told why i should pay money for living in my same address. I've got all the call recordings with me the way he asked me money for. The main thing i'm complaining about is Mr Saravanan Saran IS who is the incharge of passport verificaiton in K-1 Sembium perambur police station asked me Bribery to clear the verification, Even though i live in the same address for past 22 years. Hence i'm forwarding this complaint to other depts as well. I request you to kindly take the apporpriate action against that police officer and re-arrange the verfication with the same address.

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