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  • 8 years ago

Corrupted railway staff

Reported on October 28, 2016 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #131485

My name is sonu sharma. i went to nizammudin railways station first time to pick my friend arriving in rajdhani express coming from nagpur on 12.10.2016 around 10.45AM.
since i was not familiar about railway stations. train was late by 30 minutes. i had already bought platform ticket of rs 10/- valid for 3 hours.
i decided to sit in a waiting hall unless train arrives.
after some time a punjabi man came to me and rudely instructed me to come out of that waiting hall. he asked me that show me ur ticket and why are are you waiting in this Air conditioned waiting hall then he raised his hand towards a board, it was women's waiting hall.
I was surprised and felt very guilty. i say sorry to him that i didnt realised that it was women's waiting hall.
but he didnt listened my plead. he was shouting trying to insult me in public.. he created a scene over there like i am a criminal.
he tried calling to police officer and was telling me that there will be a fine of Rs 350/-
i didnt had more than 100 rupees at that time.
i strictly denied. i will not pay any amount to you. i am innocent. it was a mistake that i didnt saw that it was a female waiting hall. after some arguments he advised me to pay only 50 rupees to a old lady staff sitting outside that waiting hall. it seems that they both were doing a daily business as a partner.
it was a most irritating moment for me . Indian railway staffs how thay are doing unethical activities and misusing of their powers by misbehaving, blackmailing, asking for bribe to citizens at stations
i request you to take strict actions on it . i can help you as i can trace his face in millions.
i can again make him caught red handed if i get an opportunity by a small sting.

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