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  • 5 years ago

Demand of Service Charge (Bribe) for my Passport's Address Verification

Reported on January 17, 2019 from Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #196866

I received a call from Barra Yadav Market Chowki, Kanpur Nagar (Uttar Pradesh) on 16-Jan-2019 around 3:05 pm for my fresh passport's address verification. They asked me to bring the document file along with one passport size photograph and as per their request I carried all original documents with photocopies as well. I reached chowki on same day in an hour. At police chowki they even didn't look at my originals and simply told as you have already signed the photocopies we don't need to look your originals.
Now, just in short while they demanded 1,000 INR in cash as a service fee for police verification and if I won't pay this charge then my file won't be carried forward for processing. When I asked about the receipt slip of this amount (1,000 INR cash) they simply refused to give it. Later on they changed this statement and told that we will be forwarding your file even if you won't pay but we can't assure that this report will favor you or not?
They asked me to sign the form which was not filled by them as in the end they told me that now we have your form and you can't do anything in it.
(Indirectly they were trying to threaten me for an adverse report)
Despite of so intense pressure I didn't paid a penny to them.

Later on I mailed this entire matter to ssp kanpur on their official email id. So, now I am waiting for the report of police verification. Lets see what's next !!! Will report be adverse or clear or status unchanged ? God knows !!!

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