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  • 12 years ago

Electricity board in Andhra pradesh Is looting the public with their new found DIGITAL METERS

Reported on August 26, 2012 from Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #34183

I am living in a 28 year old house built by my father with concealed wiring of electricity. recently I got an issue where my DIGITAL METER gave 2400/- for 494 units bill. usually I used to get a bill between 500-700 per month maximum. I reported the matter AE of electricity board locally. He replied that as per the digital meter sensors, if there is a loop of electricity or any grounded/shorted or even reverse traveling of electricity will be recorded as consumption. I found the issue was reverse travelling of power. So I asked AE to change the digital meter to old wheel meter. He refused to change and said he will not entertain as issue is with my house wiring. I too agree with him. My question is "WHEN THE METER WERE DIGITALISED AND INSTALLED ,WERE THEY TESTING THE WIRING FOR COMPATIBILITY". I mean I have to put my hard earned nearly 14000/- towards rectifying the issue. I see that if the meter was back analog meter, the issue can be solved, its win-win situation. that my arguement. I contacted his higher officials but no result. Then I dug up their DIGITAL METER working principle, the sensors will sense the flow of electricity IN and even reverse which should be denied in the first place, but didnot as AP electricity board is part govt/private organisation. I see a wide range of fraud by the government itself. Please correct me IF I was wrong. I still doubt that none in AP challenged this meter issue in the courts.

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