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  • 6 years ago

Escaped bribing LIU officer and for police verification.

Reported on June 30, 2018 from Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #184953

I had to get my passport done before graduating. So in the final year, I applied for it. Since half of the procedure is online, it was pretty quick.
Then comes the hard part LIU officer and police verification, yes two different instance.
I wanted to deal with all the officers alone, without taking the support of my parents or any other acquaintance.

It started with LIU officer coming at my place and after few quick questions he asked for money. I told him that I do not have it right now(he called me at a place away from my home). I took him to my house in order to bribe. We served him tea and snacks, meanwhile my father was negotiating on bribe money and my mother busy recording this entire incident stealthily.
After everything it was all settled for Rs.500, my father gave me the money to give him but I felt that it was a little too much and I further gave him just Rs.200. He felt insulted and left without taking it. Hopefully he cleared the application from his side.
Next was police verification and they called me at my area's police station with all required documents. After everything was done the last phase was left, the bribe.
There were few before me and they gave anything between Rs.1500 - 3000 for verification. Next it was my turn, he asked me for the money and I said that I am unemployed and hence no money. He asked my father's occupation which I refused to tell.
I was smiling all this while and genuinely not trying to hurt someone's ego. He made various excuses, that it will be delayed, daroga sahab(SI) asks for the money. But i was adamant that I will not bribe, I even asked him to let me meet daroga sahab (who was not available in office at that time).
I successfully left the office without bribing and within a week got my passport delivered at my place.

This was in 2016, now again Im in a situation where I have to get NOC from a electrical directorate office. Hints are already been given, what will happen will unfold this monday.

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