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I am staying in Bangalore and have applied for New Connection of…

Reported on December 2, 2014 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #47704

I am staying in Bangalore and have applied for New Connection of Gas Cylinder with Wait list ID: 863916.

When I have approached BharatGas Cylinder Distributor for New Connection, he asked me to bring around Rs 7750/- for new connection. But the actual cost should be around Rs. 4750/- for 2 cylinders.

While visiting his office, he forced me to buy Burner along with the Gas Connection. He was also trying to tell me that New Burner will only give him some commission and giving New Connection without Burner is like a free public service.

He was not afraid of telling me that he will not provide me the connection if I will not buy burner from him or if I don't give him the commission which he will earn by selling the Burner.

Many of us would be facing the same problem but across different locations but only few raise their voice. I requested concerned authorities to take strict actions against persons doing such wrong practices.

Abhishek Mishra acted promptly and made sure that I get my first cylinder without buying any Burner and gave a warning to the distributor. Again after couple of months, my friend wanted a new gas connection and he too was asked to purchase Burner along with gas connection. It seems the wrong practice continued and forcing consumers to purchase Burner was still going on.

He had some contact details with some distribution head of India and got both cylinders without purchasing any thing... But the point is for common persons who don't have such influences or access to higher authorities, what will such persons do?

Now comes the case for me to get my second cylinder. Again same old thing of buying some accessory without which the second cylinder will not be issued. Already had been to office twice without my work being done as I refused to pay extra money. On raising the voice and lodging a complaint (Reference Number : 308960), again the complain is closed saying a warning has been issued to the distributor.

I am not very sure why no action or penalty charged against him despite the practice going on for more then a year now. Closing complaints by just giving warnings will not stop wrong practice. On reopening the complaint to Senthil Dayal, I again get a message to close it and visit the distributor. Not very sure what will be the outcome of re-visiting the distributor again and again. Will it ever end the wrong practices...? What if I get my second cylinder and will never bother to go back and check if such wrong practices have ended???

Just to add that all the other service offered by this vendor are excellent. Just correcting this small problem of forcing customers to buy unnecessary things will help everyone a lot.

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