• Bribe Fighter
  • 14 years ago

"fraud fine" by a traffic cop

Reported on November 1, 2010 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #32641

At about 8 pm it was an empty road and i entered a road X taking a left turn from another road Y which wasn't a one way. there was no sign warning me about the road X being a one way from where i entered this road, neither there was any traffic coming from opposite/any direction to find out this was a one way. when i took another left turn on road Z from road X cops stopped me informing that road X was a one way, trying to get money out of my pocket. i protested that there was no sign about road X being a one way from the point where i entered the road X. the cop said it wasn't his problem that there was no sign and he was waiting for to breakdown and pay bribe. i din't pay the bribe so cop handed me a challan and confisticated my driving license. now i've to be present before a court on 2nd november 2010 whose details the cops din't give me saying i'll have to find out where the court is.

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