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  • 13 years ago

Harased by a senior police officers and two constables at night

Reported on March 6, 2011 from Navsari , Gujarat  ι Report #32476


I was coming from ********** and I had my after wedding party to all my friends in the town and I was late. An on duty PI stopped me and asked for license I showed and he just slapped me I asked for reason and he said you are drunk. I said sir I am UK citizen and I HAVE PERMIT AND most important thing is I am coming from ********** and I am not driving as well. He said do you want to go back or shall I do a police case on you so will have trouble to go back. I said for what reason you want to make a police case on me. He said slapping a constable and he just slapped constable and said now you will have to come to the police station. I SAID SIR I haven’t done anything. He asked me for 2000 INR to leave me. I said I won’t pay a single penny and let me call my lawyer in UK and my friends in navsari. He said who the **********do you think you are. I said you are just harrasing me let me go. By chance my driver made a call to my friend who is a press reporter and he handled a situation from onwards and PI did let me go but sweared a lot and said I will see you later. I wanted to make an official report to higher duty officer but my friends suggested they all are same do not waste time. now though I have born in India some times due to these sort of incidence I think it’s better to be not to go back home. I hope and wish you guys to change the system.

Thanks a lot

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