• Bribe Fighter
  • 12 years ago

I paid the fine, not the bribe

Reported on August 27, 2012 from Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #31244

In March, I was traveling from Mumbai to Kanpur on a general ticket in the sleeper compartment. Agreeably, it is wrong but there was absolutely no place in the general compartment. There were many more like me, who boarded the sleeper class instead of the general dabba. The ticket checker was ripping everyone off stating non-applicable fines such as ticketless traveling even though we had a ticket. The fine also included the difference between the sleeper and general ticket fares as well as a random 200 rupee fine. All these fines were variable depending on the state of the wallet and the person. Just like everyone, he asked for the consolidated fine. I requested him for a receipt for the fine I was going to pay. He immediately slashed the fines and asked for just the 200 rupees which would be lesser than the actual fine I would have to pay. He literally bargained for a minute coming down to as low as 50-100 rupees. I still insisted on paying the complete fine which was 326 rupees. At least the next 20 people paid the actual fine and he was mouthing curses to me for ruining his day. I am proud of my actions of that day.

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