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  • 13 years ago

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Reported on August 21, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #32700

I Purchased an apartment from earlier owner during February 1, 2010 and registered the property for the full amount paid by bankDD.Then I applied for the "Khata" transfer on 18-3-2010.On 31-7-2010 I received from the local office of BBMP that my file has been received and I should go to their office and meet the person.I duly visited the office and met the person who checked the files and confirmed that I should get a bank draft amounting to 2% of the registration charges paid at the time of registration and also pay Rs.5000 in cash.When I asked why cash he replied "To meet expenses".I clearly replied that I will not pay any cash and only will pay the official amounts as per rules applicable.The official started discussing the case with his colleague and I waited patiently.Finally when they realised that I will not pay any cash informed me to take the bank DD to another office about 8 Km away.I collected the certificate incorporating my name from that office after patiently waiting a few hours.
I am proud that I could tell the official straight away into his face that I will not pay any amount by Cash (for which I will not get official Receipt).
I request all the responsible citizens to stoutly stand against bribes even at cost of delay and personal hardships.

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