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  • 7 years ago

Illogical way to seize license when bribe was denied

Reported on April 9, 2016 from Kolkata , West Bengal  ι Report #100045

Around 5pm in the burrabazar area where the Howrah bridge ends, opposite side of north port traffic guard, homeguards asked me to show papers for nothing in a very congested area where strand road and burrbazar is meeting. he told me to have a word with Mr. Borobabu( SOMENATH PRAMANICK ) as i told him without showing papers that only the pollution certificate period has expired yesterday and everything other papers are just fine.
Mr. somenath paramanick who was about to examine authenticity of my papers,
asked me to pay 200rupees without a receipt which was clearly not legal. i requested my best for about 15minutes to convince him that this 200rupees is a lot for me and i refused to pay like that.
after everything i got a very rough behaviour from this gentleman, he added, ''opor theke chaap achhe'', which means he was fulfilling his quota as a traffic sergeant.
i requested again and again for forgiveness atleast on the ground of humanity, and this time he took my driving license and seize it for some 400rupees which was not mentioned on the seizure receipt on the basis of RECKLESS DRIVING i guess which is simply a matter of dissapointment. As a matter of fact i was on a motorbike with a speed of 10-15km/hour because it was so busy road. Actualy i cannot read the seizure receipt because of a very poor handwriting and i guess it should be against reckless driving.
in this situation i want to lodge a complain against Mr. SOMENATH PRAMANICK because he asked me to sign a paper and after doing that he threatened me ''AAPNAR JA KORAR ACHHE APNI KORE NEBEN'', as i asked him for an explanation why he was seizing my driving license where i have no issue with driving nor he accused me for any faults against driving faults.
I want some serious steps against this shameful BULLY activity from a lawman and a sergeant.

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