• Bribe Fighter
  • 14 years ago

International Driving License

Reported on November 2, 2010 from Dharmapuri , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #32640

I had to go to US as i was deputed to onsite and i thought the IDL (International Driving License) would be helpful so I applied for the IDL with all the forms and the fees.

The officer was expecting a bribe but since i went with my uncle (who retired from the RTO Office) the guy didn't ask the bribe directly and told that my address is not matching with the passport and rejected the IDL (after asking 2 days of visit to the office and paying the Rs.500 fee)

1. If the address doesn't match with the passport why was i asked to pay the fee?
2. I know similar situations where people got IDL, the reason was they went through agents who pay bribe

India i think is the only country where you have to give bribe to do the work; Other countries you bribe to break the rule.

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