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  • 14 years ago

Loosing my passport

Reported on October 14, 2010 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #32654

I work overseas and had to plan a short visit to India. The purpose of my visit to India was to pay my homages to our family deity in Kerala. Hence the visit was planed for only 7 days. Taking the opportunity i thought of routing my travel via mumbai (being my home town), spend a night and then travel from Mumbai to Kerala.
I reached Mumbai on 13th Dec evening and the following day noon i had my flight to Kerala. It was the 14th of Dec 2009 i had to travel from Mumbai to Kerala. The flight was scheduled for the noon later postponed for the evening. Hence, i wanted to use the time to complete an important work in Chembur and then return to Santacruz airport.
My friend was accompany me and we drove in his car to chembur. As it was noon we wanted to have our lunch for which we pulled at one decent looking hotel with valet parking facilities. We had left my travel bag and my friends computer in the car and parked the car infront of the reception handed over the keys for parking the car. It was foolish on my part an habit we forget staying overseas.
On return after having our lunch and entering the car we found all our belonging kept inside the car robbed.
The ordeal i had to undergo as the passport and my credit cards were inside my bag lasted for 2 months. All thanks to the manipulations done by the Police at the station in registering a FIR.
Here was a classic case, the driver (valet parking) , the reception of the hotel, the hotel management and police all hand in gloves. The evidence and spot of crime was crystal clear but the laxativity with which the police handled the complaint was deliberate.
First the police did not lodge my FIR instead choose to lodge the FIR in the name of my friend. The FIR did not mention about the details of the passport.As if either the police were not aware of the procedure or the person complaining should be aware of it or he is supposed to teach the police.
As it was my passport and had to return back to my place of work i had to undergo the process of baring with my fate. Thanks to the police i had to undergo an ordeal of getting a new passport issued after 2 months. I had to stay alone with my family consisting of my wife, two small children and my old mother all alone *******

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