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Misuse of Power by Delhi Police

Reported on June 30, 2017 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #165819

To ,
Subject : Misuse of Power by Delhi Police
Complaint Against:
I want to file a Complaint against below people / authorities:
1) Sunil HC CAW CELL SrinivasPuri Delhi
for Misuse of Power and ignoring all evidences and furnishing FALSE report to Ambedkar Nagar South East Delhi against me.
2) Complaint Against: Ambedkar Nagar Police Station South East Delhi -110062
FIR is registered at Ambedkar Nagar Police Station South East Delhi :
FIR No #0295/2017
FIR Date :22/06/2017
Subject : Misuse of Power by Delhi Police and Registering Fake FIR against me by Govinda Kanojia , Leena Kanojia , Naresh Kanojia & Dakshu Kanojia after taking Bribe .
Resident of: 142-143 DDA Flat Dakshin Puri , Ambedkar Nagar
Delhi -110062
Phone no : 8826191788, 9560207137,9902701445
Applicant : Ratnesh Singh
E1-15/2 1st Cross Syndicate Bank Colony
Door no 102 , Bannergutta Road
Application to Investigate my Case
Video and Audio Recordings
Most respectfully showeth:
1. That the Applicant is a law-abiding, respectable and responsible citizen of this society.
2. That the FIR was registered in P.S.-Ambedkar Nagar, New Delhi, bearing number 0295/2017, dated 22/06/2017 on the complaint filed by Mrs Dakshu Kanojia, the wife of the
Applicant. The copy of the FIR is annexed herein as ANNEXURE-A.
3. That the brief facts leading to this petition is that the Applicant and the complainant are husband and wife and the Marriage between the Applicant and the Complainant was solemnized as per the Hindu rites and ceremonies on 10.06.2015 at New Delhi.
4. That after the marriage, both the parties started residing together as husband and wife at E-15/2, Syndicate Bank Colony, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.
5. That soon after the marriage the attitude of the Complainant was negative towards the applicant and his family and the complainant used to find petty issues to initiate quarrels with the applicant .
6. That the complainant is of short tempered, egoistic, rude character and does not understand anything. She always wanted to dominate everyone and tried to dictate over her husband and his family members and used to leave her matrimonial home without informing anyone irrespective of day and night.
7. That to the utter consternation and humiliation of the applicant, this abrupt act of desertion by the complainant was followed by an another incident on the night of January, 2016 when the father of the complainant Mr. Naresh Kanojia along with her brother Govinda Kanojia raided the house of the Applicant and abused him in full public view which caused an unwarranted embarrassment to the applicant and his family. The night Video /Audio recordings depicting the entire said incident has been
annexed herewith as ANNEXURE -B .In Video Recordings Govinda Kanojia has also threatened to file a FALSE DOWRY CASE Against me and was almost about to hit me but I stopped him saying mama ( Police) is standing outside and if you do anything to me you will be arrested .
8. That on 19.02.2016 at about 2 pm, the complainant left her matrimonial house and took away all the articles of jewellery gifted by the applicant to her in marriage and came to her parental house in New Delhi.
9. That thereafter, the applicant had also made a complaint to Madiwala Police Station, Bangalore informing about the complainant who had left her matrimonial home. Thereafter applicant started getting threats from the family of the complainant that they will use every method to set him straight ignoring the behaviour of the complainant. The reference no. 219/16 of the complaint dated 20.02.2016 has been annexed herewith as ANNEXURE- C.
10. That on 1.03.2016, the applicant also instituted a petition under section 9 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 for restitution of his conjugal rights before the Ld. Family Court, Varanasi. Despite of the service of notice about the said proceedings through the court summons and by way of a publication in the newspaper, the complainant is avoiding to appear before the said court. The copy of the petition of restitution of conjugal rights has been annexed as ANNEXURE- D.
11. That the complainant also lodged a false complaint itself against the applicant in CAW (Crime Against Women) Cell,
Sriniwaspuri, New Delhi. The applicant used to be present in all the hearings before the Women Cell and made every possible effort to reconcile her messed-up relationship with the complainant. Applicant has submitted all evidences and Night Video Recordings to Sunil HC CAW CELL Srinivaspuri Delhi and asked him to do Justice with him but he ignored all the facts and he only harras and threatened applicant .
12. While the matter was still pending before the Women’s Cell, the complainant on one hearing apologised to the applicant and assured that her conduct towards the complainant would change and also agreed to go back to Bangalore to stay with her applicant/husband.
13. That however when the complainant returned to Bangalore, her abusive behaviour remained the same and she never appreciated the efforts made by the applicant to keep their matrimonial home together. Like previously, the complainant did not fulfil her marital obligations towards the respondent husband and his family and always acted under the influence of her parents.
14. That on October, 2016 the applicant got very happy to know about the pregnancy of the complainant/wife and he developed a hope that now his matrimonial life would be smooth and the complainant would start behaving with more maturity but all his hope went in vain as the pregnancy of the complainant did not change her behaviour.
15. That the complainant had started behaving more irrationally than before instead, so much so that whenever any fight used to
take place between the applicant and the complainant, she would threaten the applicant that she would abort their baby and would file a case against the applicant based on the false premise that the death of the baby occurred due to the beatings inflicted upon her by the applicant.
16. That on 15.01.2017, the applicant came to know about the mischievous plan of complainant and her family members namely, Govinda Kanojia, Leena Kanojia, Naresh Kanojia who came to Cambridge Hospital, Bangalore for the abortion of the baby of the complainant and applicant. Fortunately, the applicant who was majorly traumatized after learning about such reprehensible conduct on the part of complainant and her family members called the hospital on time and stopped the illegal abortion on time with the intervention of the Puttenhali Police, Bangalore. Thereafter, a complaint was registered by the applicant before the Bangalore Police through complaint number P01377170600037 against the complainant and her family members. Subsequently, the applicant also filed a complaint before Karnataka State Human Rights Commission against the complainant and her family. True copy of the complaint dated 17.01.2017 is annexed herewith as ANNEXURE - E along-with the true copy of the order dated 18.02.2017 of Karnataka State Human Rights Commission is enclosed herewith as ANNEXURE - F .
17. That in furthance of the said incident, on 17th-Jan -2017 itself the Inspector in charge of the Puttenhali Police Station called the complainant and her mother to the police station and gave several warnings to them not to abort her baby and informed her about all the consequences arising out of the crime of
abortion. The copy of the Real voice recordings of the conversations happened between the complainant along-with their transcripts have been annexed herewith as ANNEXURE - G . In Voice recording Puttenhalli Police has given Clear Warning to Dakshu Kanojia and Leena Kanojia that if you abort this baby there will be murder charges against you and Your Family .
18. That thereafter, the complainant again left her matrimonial house and went to New Delhi with an ulterior motive of aborting her baby. The complainant and her family members who failed in their first attempt to abort the baby in Bangalore, again hatched a conspiracy to abort the baby in Delhi. On the 20.01.2017 the complainant with the help of her family members was successful in illegally aborting her baby in Bal Kishan Memorial Hospital, Khanpur, which constitutes an offence under section 312 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.
19. That the applicant while attending a hearing at CAW Cell, Sriniswaspuri, New delhi on 23.02.2017 was again subject to a lot of abuses, blackmailings and threats by the complainant and her family members in front of the seniors officials of the Women Cell. The mother of the applicant, a 70 year old lady who was also present with the applicant was badly misbehaved, abused and again threatened that the complainant would falsely implicate applicant and her family members into false criminal cases. Applicant got to know about abortion via Sunil HC of Srinivaspuri thereafter Applicant requested CAW CELL to take complaint against Dakshu Kanojia and Family and Applicant requested Sunil HC CAW CELL Srinivaspuri & Police Station Ambedkar Nagar to Furnish Details of Hospital where illegal abortion was performed so that applicant can
file a Police Complaint against Dakshu & Family . After many letters and RTI Request both Sunil HC CAW CELL Srinivaspuri & Police Station Ambedkar Nagar were not able to disclose the place of occurrence of Murder .Place of occurrence was kept hidden with applicant. All letters sent to CAW Cell Srinivaspuri can be collected from them / Ambedkar Nagar Police -110062 in which applicant has asked to reveal place of occurrence of abortion/ murder .Dakshu & Family had planned a complete conspiracy with the help of Lawyer that we will keep the place of occurance of murder hidden with Ratnesh and we will reveal with him after 6 months so that they can save themselves against murder charges knowing the fact about MCT Act ( Medical Termination Act) and once six months are over Hospital will be also saved .
20. That it was great incredulity that the applicant came to know about the news of abortion by the complainant in Delhi after which he tried hard to file a case in Delhi against wife for illegal abortion under section 312 of Indian Penal Code. However, Delhi Police refused to register a case without taking cognizance of the fact that an illegal abortion had already taken place in Bal Kishan Memorial Hospital, Khanpur Extension, Delhi-62 and asked applicant/husband to lodge a complaint in Bangalore. Seeing no option available, applicant/husband filed a complaint to Bangalore police who subsequently registered it vide complaint no. P02203170600240 on 17.03.2017 against Dakshu Kanojia. True copy of the acknowledgment letter dated 17.03.2017 is enclosed herewith as ANNEXURE- H . After this complaint at Puttenahhali Police Bangalore against Dakshu Puttenhalli Police Bangalore sent a Summon Letter to Dakshu asking to submit medical records and come to Puttenhalli Police
Bangalore for Investigation Dakshu Submitted Medical reports to CAW Cell in the month May 2017 . After writing so many letters to CAW CELL to Delhi Police Place of Occurrence of abortion was kept hidden for 5 Months which actually happened at in Bal Kishan Memorial Hospital, Khanpur Extension, Delhi-62. Dakshu revealed the place of occurance of Murder / Illegal abortion after receiving summon from Bangalore Police to submit medical records .
21. That on the request of the applicant, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) wrote a letter to Deputy Commissioner of Police, South-East District, new Delhi and made a direction therein to take appropriate action against the complainant for illegally abortion of the complainant. However, again the said direction of NHRC had fallen to the deaf ears of the police authorities and therefore, no action was ever taken by the Delhi Police whatsoever.
22. That on the first week of June suddenly the applicant got a call from the complainant asking him to meet and sort out the things between them. Thereafter, during the meeting with complainant which took place in a supermarket in Bangalore, the complainant once again assured the applicant that she would come back to Bangalore and start staying with the applicant and made sure that problems would not arise in future and it was also decided that she would not harass the applicant and his family members in anyway and would live peacefully in the family. She admitted her fault herself and also the factum of filing false and frivolous complaints/case against the complainant while having a conversation over the phone with Mr. Sunil, the concerned Investigating Officer in the matter
filed before the CAW Cell. The copy of the voice recordings of the telephonic conversations between the complainant with the IO, along-with their transcripts have been annexed herewith as ANNEXURE - K .
23. That the applicant yet again trusted the assurance given by the complainant and decided to give one last chance to their relationship. Thereafter, the complainant requested the respondent to come to New Delhi on the pretext of settling the matter before the Mr. Sunil Kumar, IO of CAW Cell and withdrawing her false application for restoration. Upon believing the applicant, the applicant booked the tickets of applicant and the complainant. As the couple arrived at the airport, the complainant persuaded the applicant to visit her lawyer’s office and also picked up a fight for no reason which led into a scuffle between the both at the airport itself. The change in attitude of the complainant has raised a several host of suspicions in the mind of the complainant as she was doing something which was completely contrary to what was decided between them before landing in New Delhi and the applicant took a flight back to Bangalore.
24. That to the utter shock of the applicant, Mr. Sunil Of CAW Cell, the Investigating Officer of CAW Cell, after ignoring the confessions of her crime of abortion made before him by the complainant, registered the false complainant and the present F.I.R.
A) Because the Applicant is peace loving and law abiding citizen, having clean antecedents and has nothing to do with the alleged offence and is being falsely alleged by the complainant.
B) That the complaint of the complainant is nothing but the concocted story just to harass the applicant and his family. That the story fails in the prudent test and there are contrary stands in story. It is submitted that applicant is told to be so greedy that he used to make complaints for dowry and as a matter of fact he took his complainant/wife to Phuket, Thailand for honeymoon. It is pertinent to mention here that tickets for Phuket were booked hence there is no question of demanding money for honeymoon from complainant’s father. That the allegations made in the F.I.R totally false and the complainant was never been treated with cruelties as alleged on the contra.
C) Because the allegations being made in the FIR are very vague and are silent on many aspects depicting the nature of crime in as much as there is not even a single disclosure of a particular date and particular with regard to the alleged conduct and behaviour of the applicant. Neither are the particulars of the articles of jewellery which are allegedly being taken are mentioned in the FIR nor any MLC report has been filed so as to suggest the alleged injuries attributed to the complainant.
D) Because the complaint filed before CAW Cell, Sriniwaspuri by the complainant is a counter-blast to the case of restitution of conjugal rights filed by the applicant in Varanasi.
It is, therefore, respectfully prayed that take a strict action against Sunil HC of CAW CELL Srinivaspuri & Ambedkar Nagar Police Station Delhi
It is prayed that register my FIR against:
Govinda Kanojia , Leena Kanojia , Naresh Kanojia & Dakshu Kanojia
They are resident of: 142-143 DDA Flat Dakshin Puri , Ambedkar Nagar
Delhi -110062
Phone no : 8826191788, 9560207137,9902701445

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