• Bribe Fighter
  • 13 years ago

Mumbai International Airport

Reported on December 9, 2010 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #32611

I came to sharjah from Mumbai airport via air Arabia flight at 04:00 A.M. but flight delayed & reschedule at 17:00 , when I wait near gate no. 20 for departure somebody stolen my valet containing 3200 Dhs., 100 US$ & 2000 I.Rs. & Credit Cards.
When I try to complaint then security officer ask me if u lost everything & what u will give 2 us. If u don’t have money then we will not getting single paisa so why we try?
Then I ask u should check CCTV , & you will find out, then he said to another officer that “u write the report “Ek Dari Topi wala wyakti (Aadmi) airport ki surakshha bhedne ke liye CCTV ka use karma chahta he.”
Then ask me if in CCTV we can not find anything then we will case against u, under security act & 4 foreign currencies FERA Case.
But he said if u will give us 1000 Dhs then we will try. After all I leave country without any complain or *******

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