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Hi, My name is Aleksandra, I come from Poland. I am married to an…

Reported on September 26, 2013 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #36462

Hi, My name is Aleksandra, I come from Poland. I am married to an indian citizen and last year I was living in India, cause my husband is developing a project there. We wanted to be together. All problems started, when I tried to extend my X Visa. I went to FRO in Pune. 3 months long I was asked to bring new and new documents (nobody gave as a list to submit), and I was doing this. Almost 4 months long I was trying to solution this issue. Finally my previous visa ended and I was in India without any paper, without a possibility to prolongate my health insurance... I was many times humiliated by Mr. Joshi from FRO. All the problems started after salary balance of my husband, who is gaining very good money, came to the hands of this officer. After 4 months the lady attending europeans promised me that my papers are already sent to Delhi. One day I decided to go there and surprised discovered that my file was still there and this lady was lying to me 3 times, she sent it! I was shocked, I was completely sad and scared being in India without papers, who will believe me later that I am struggeling in this office almost 5 months... I decided to to apply for Exit permission, to go to my country and to apply this visa through the embassy, it takes no longer then 3 months. I wasn't asked openely to pay a bribe, but many times, undirectly and also through all these funny things they were asking us to bring, I got to know, that if I don't pay, I won't recieve my visa extension. 3 days it tool till I got my exit permission, I submitted all docus to a new file and got a stamp. I asked, if this is all what do I need and the same lady, who was uncompentent and unprofessional said, yes it might be all.
On the day I was going back from Mumbai, I got stopped by Bureau of Imigration on the international airport due to lack of documents from FRO! The officers there told me, that FRO should give me two papers more, ensuring that this stamp is right and they explained me which papers. I was trying to explain, that I didn't get anything from them, that I am married to an Indian, that I want to apply from Poland for new X visa, but they didn't listen and closed me in a small room, where already some men were sitting, at the airport without telling anything, taking my passport for one hour... I was so much scared, I was not knowing, what is gonna happened. I haven't done nothing wrong... After one hour I got free and admonished, that I have to take care about this... It was long journey, 2 o'clock at the night... I was just crying and being scared... Finally they left me go, but what I've gone through thanks to FRO I don't wish to anybody... It is an office for foreigners... And the officer who is there for EU countries and Iran doesn't speak english. Mr, Joshi and the first attendance lady are very rude and not at all helpfull. I was trying to explain the issue to Mr. Mane, senior officer there, but he also didn't help me... I was living in many countries, but it was the worst things it ever happened to me... I never seen foreigners being treaten in that way in my country...

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