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  • 14 years ago

Paid a bribe for registration of purchasing a site

Reported on August 29, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #32692

Today 28th August 2010, I had parked my bike near Mantri mall, when I returned I realized my bike was toed away. I went to Traffic police station on Race course road, I told them I had parked my bike on the road parallel to the road which leads to Nataraja theatre in the residential road near Mantri mall. They told me that, yes the residents had complained so we toed it away, I said there was NO "NO Parking" board. they asked me to give Rs.200 otherwise the fine is Rs.300 for getting the bill. I met Sub-Inspector of Police - Krishna sigh, Paid the fine, I noticed that he mentioned "South End Road", I stressed on that asked him if the name of that road is South end road, he is yes sir... I got doubt... but I silently took the bill and came to the road where I had kept my bike... I checked every corner of the road.. there IS NO "NO PARKING" board. I even took pics in my mobile. I checked with one of the residents as to what is the name of the road.. They said it is Sirur Park road and they don’t know where is South End road. Any ideas on how do I complaint against this cheating happened to me?

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