• Bribe Fighter
  • 14 years ago

Police men mentality while verifying passport

Reported on August 30, 2010 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #32690

Recently, I went to a city police station, nearly 7 kms from where I stay, for attestation of society registration forms. This is as per the new security norms in Pune, wherein a person staying in a rental flat needs to get his agreement attested by the Police. On my first visit there, I was asked to come again the next day as all police personnel had gone for security bandobast in a nearby slum. On the second day too I had to return from there without getting the attestation, as they didn’t have enough forms. I was informed that a 3-6 pm timing was fixed for such activities. The next day I ensured all the above criteria were met, but I found the concerned personnel were disinterested and making frivolous excuses. Talking to a constable outside, I learned that I was required to slide in some bribe, to get the form attested. The fourth time around I went there at just stood there and after and hour the police officer attested my rental agreement. But I do know many who get this done by sliding in a bribe, just to avoid the running around and getting the unnecessary papers (excuses made by Police).

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