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  • 6 years ago

Police supporting trade of illegal gas fillings

Reported on March 3, 2018 from Kolar , Karnataka  ι Report #179391

Honorable Sir's

With profound heartfelt sorrow and dismay.

We " The Citizens of K.G.F" want to lodge our genuine appeal before your lordships as follows

1. Your kind selves know that K.G.F city is an ancient city and it is a labour oriented township, the people of K.G.F lives in the hutments made by the then "Gold Mines Authorities". All houses are attached without any conservancies.

2. The K.G.F is having only two market places that is "Robertson-pet & Andresonpet " with naroow lane and aged old buildings.

3. The mode of transportation to the residents are mainly autorikshas and these autos run on LPG

4. Though there is a LPG station in K.G.F to cater the needs of kgf auto rikshaws.

5. There are more than "40" illegal filling points the persons who are involved in this illegal fillings are all anti-social elements known defediators and habitual offenders who frequently sent to judicial custody by yourselves.

6. The LPG Gas cylinders are unauthorizedly sold to these illegal persons by IOC's & HP Distributors
Murthy Gas Services
Kitchen links
Sarvana Gas
Other than these government agencies private gas suppliers like : Indogas, MVR Gas & Go Gas are also supplying gas to these illegal persons
7. LPG gas suppliers should sell lpg gas only to the approved and valid lpg license holders possessing "PESO" certification.

8. Here LPG gas is sold by private and government agencies to "TOM DICK AND HARRY" of low caliber.

9. LPG is highly inflammable substance if it is not properly handled it is an havoc and disaster to human lives and properties.

10. Since last week four incidence happened due to LPG CYLINDERS blast at Rajastan, Bangalore, Andhra & Patna. More than 30 innocent sucummed to this incident.

11. By grace of All-Mighty NO untoward incident had occurred in K.G.F but their is a possibility and will bound to happen if LPG is not scientifically and properly handled.if any incident occur the entire area will be blown and turn to ashes and will loose many precious lives.

So, we the "Citizen's of KGF " Rights Group comprising of local social activists want to enlighten the citizens the worst consequences of gas mayham and this we made it as a petition and aired for the public views and comments.

Our petition and video have been viewed by more than 50,000 people and they have understood the consequences of " Gas Blast "
All the viewers had commented and also signed the petition asking us to take forward to crub this illegal trade and save public lives and properties

This matter many a times taken to the knowledge of police department and food and cilvil supplies department . But these law enforcement people instead of doing justice to their profession they encashed this as a opportunity and made a huge gratification.

Thus all our attempt to get justice from the competent authorities have been deprived. These competent authorities had seduced their professional ethics and raped democracy.

Your's is our last straw on the camels back. we have a fond hope that we will get justice only from your end .


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